Boat House Renovations, NOSC Buffalo NY

  • Contract Value: $3,990,000

    Projected Completion: Dec, 2013

    Brief Project Description:

    The work on the boat house located at the former CPO Club at the NOSC Buffalo, 5 Porter Avenue, Buffalo, New York, includes pavement removal, excavation, water line removal and construction, provision of concrete foundations, landscaping, asphalt concrete pavement, turf, concrete walks, exterior lighting, underground electric and communication lines, and electric transformer.

    Other work involved on the project includes demolition of a garage, small building addition, a complete exterior envelope restoration of the existing historic façade located on Lake Erie and comprised of wood shingle siding, wood authentic divided lite (ADL) windows, refurbished wood windows, wood doors, wood shutters, slate roof repair, EPDM roofing, wood decorative railings, and wood trim.

    The building requires structural repairs to the existing wood sill, CMU foundation work, shear wall construction and all supporting structural elements related to the restoration.

    Also included is a complete interior renovation and reconversion from a CPO Club to a functioning Boat House for storage, maintenance and administration of boat operations, which includes overhead bi-fold doors, concrete floors, wood floor repair, concrete filled metal pan stair system, carpet, VCT and ceramic tile flooring, gypsum board on metal stud partitions, wood doors with metal frames, built-in fixtures and furnishings, suspended acoustical tile ceilings, and all supporting mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and fire protection systems to support the new work and incidental related work.