Building 633 2nd Floor Renovations, 2nd Floor Renovations, Philadelphia Navy Yard, PA

  • Contract Value: $3,056,452

    Project Completion: April, 2014

    Brief Description of Project:

    The work includes the renovation of approximately 12,000 SF of interior office space and computer lab facility in Building 633 1st & 2nd Floors at the Philadelphia Navy Yard located in PA.

    The renovated space will contain open office areas, hard-walled office areas, conference rooms, storage areas, meeting rooms, Test control room & DAS room with raised computer flooring.

    The work includes demolition of the existing interior space to accommodate the new partition and utility layout. The work will also include renovation to accommodate new entrances and all mentioned facilities above and site work. Electrical work will consist of new panel boards and circuits to accommodate the new layout. Telecommunications work related to the building. New Sprinkler layout for the new layout and HVAC upgrades related to the new layout. This project also involves asbestos removal, mercury containing light tubes and sodium vapor high intensity lamps.