Construction, Repair & Alterations at Electrical Substation 6, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Maine

  • Contract Value: $2,560,046

    Project Completion: Sep 2013.

    Brief Project Description:

    Construction, Repair & Alteration of electrical substation 6, was the 3rd task order under a Maintenance and Construction Job Order Contract that Benaka Inc. holds with the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine.

    Work on this project included but was not limited to:

    Demolition of pre-fabricated metal buildings 283 and 334, concrete fence curbing, main switch and transformer, switch board, panel board, feeder and load side conductors, bus cable-way, conduits and other miscellaneous components, construction of a new storage and regulator building, concrete foundation for transportable substation, concrete vaults, concrete encased conduit for primary and secondary feeders, chain link fencing, and concrete curbing and asphalt paving.