Water Intrusion Repairs, Fort Wadsworth, SI, NY USCG

  • Contract Value: $2,140,000
    Projected Completion: Jun, 2014

    Brief Project Description:

    A summary of the work on the Water Intrusion Repairs USCG Staten Island includes:

    Removal/Replacement of brick veneer to correct deficiencies with hangers, expansion joints, angles, flashing and brick replacement.
    Remove/Replace existing light commercial grade double-hung aluminum windows with heavy-duty impact-resistant double-hung aluminum windows.
    Remove and replace all exterior hollow metal doors, and interior non-compliant door HW.
    Removal and installation of low-sloped roofs at entrance and re-entrant corners (EPDM roofing system, metal cap flashing, tapered rigid insulation, protection board, new thru-wall flashing at cavity walls)
    Remove/Replace all brick veneer expansion joint sealant.
    Gypsum board repairs as required for plumbing and electrical repairs.