B6 Industrial Printing Center – Mechanicsburg, PA.

  • Contract Value: $2,299,000

    Projected Completion: Oct 2016

    Brief Project Description:

    The work includes the renovation of the existing industrial printing center located in the north fire bay of Bldg. 06 at the Naval Support Activity, Mechanicsburg, PA.

    The project will provide a code compliant printing office, with warehouse space. The scope of work will involve only the north fire bay of Bldg. 06 which is 200′ by 200′. The project involves constructing an office approximately 100′ X 100′ for the printing operation inside the fire bay, including office walls, ceiling, lighting, HVAC, sprinklers, fire alarm, communication wiring and incidental related work.

    The existing printing operation must be protected and must remain in operation during the entire construction period. The new printing facility will be built in an empty part of the fire bay and when it is completed, the existing equipment will be moved into the new space. This project contains an option for additional fire sprinkler and fire alarm work.