Energy Efficient Re-Roofing Building 4, 26, 12 & 592 at Naval Support Facility, Philadelphia PA.

  • Contract Value: $9,445,000

    Projected Completion: Oct 2017

    Brief Project Description:

    This project replaces the entire roof system on Buildings 4, 12 and 26 at Naval Support Activity (NSA) Philadelphia and Building 592 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard with an energy efficient modified bituminous roofing system. The roofing insulation will have a minimum value of R32. Demolition work includes removal and disposal of existing roofing material such as insulation board, ballast, flashings, capping, roof coverings, expansion accessories, metal edges, metal coping and roof drain system on multiple sections of roofs.

    New work includes installation of new roofing bituminous membrane system, installation of new roof drain strainers, installation of new insulation, new flashing and new parapet wall capping, expansion accessories, metal roof edges and coping. This project will also provide safety railing for the building’s roofs and will include repairing of building expansion joints and repairing of roof penetrations. Additionally, for Building 12, this project will replace interior lights with energy efficient lights with occupancy sensors where needed and remove the existing exterior Switchgear Room wall and relocate the wall position to provide additional space and safe clearance to work on the interior electrical switchgear. Asbestos abatement scope is included for all roofs. All buildings will be occupied during construction.